Spending with Caution on Home Renovations.

As we iron out a decade marked by Interior design trends ranging from mid century to memphis inspired modern furnshing, we’ve got our eyes set on what 2020 has in store for us.

The entire Universe might be in a state of being under attack, inspite of it all, we ought to strike a balance between renovating, updating and upgrading our homes and yet still maintaining our budget.

The solution might be that in this Coronavirus period of economic Building, we agree to be in thrifty moderation in style and keep up with the latest fads and trends.

Being thrifty doesnt mean you have to be cheap, you can still keep up with the latest trends of fashion straight through designing and manufacturing.

There are 5 ways to consider in terms of reducing the risk of over spending during this lockdown period.

Step 1: Create and stick to a budget

Before I go deep into detail, let me first unpack the concept, ” budget renovation”.
The word budget it is not a synonym with cheap, when you spend money in your home, always keep record and trace of all you savings, income or rebates.

Step 2: Take your time

Waiting for money for renovating your home is always a good thing, because time is a friend in need and indeed when it comes to renovating.

Time helps take good and cohesive design decisions, always take note that when you rush things, It is most likely to regret the decision you took and end up overspending.

Step 3: Wait for Sales before making big purchase

There are times of the month that are better for purchasing certain items, such as month end specials, and winter holidays for appliances.
Research your best time to make your purchases and don’t let your impatience steer you away from getting a good deal.

Step 4: Pay Cash

It is always adviced to pay with the money that you already have, i mean think about it, isn’t it a bonus to be saving a significant amount of money that you would have ended up paying interest on should you have considered paying installment deals or loans?

Step 5: keep your home footprints and bench Mark’s

Moving big guns like sink, bath tubes, stoves, windows and walls can be very expensive because not only will you need to pay for their costs.

You got to dig deep in your pocket hense, not only you will pay the material to make a move or shift but you also need to pay a professional to do the job, unless if it has always been part of the plan, yet you will surely be prepared to pay more than you’re expected to.

Built in kitchen units, walldropes, vanities, bars and the endless list of the timeless, iconing furnitures are worth the investment because not only they are stylish but they’ll last from generation to generations post Covid-19.

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