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Despite having only one filter cassette, the Stylies Alaze almost achieves the same performance of a much larger 2 cassette humidifier. This is thanks to the new patented DAST technology.


DAST Evaporator Humidifier 




DAST technology uses at least 30% less electricity compared to common evaporative humidifier systems.


Humidifier with Humidity Level Display
The Stylies Alaze displays all the most important information through the innovative ambient light. When the desired humidity level is achieved the unit displays a green light. If the humidity levels are less than desired the unit will display an orange light until the target humidity has been achieved. Finally, it will display a red light when the water needs to be topped up.

Low Energy and Low Maintenance Humidifier
At only 3.5 Watts, this is an extremely efficient humidifier that will create a comfortable living and working environment without the high costs of other humidifiers.

The Stylies Alaze is extremely easy to top up with water through the opening at the top of the unit. Additionally it is super easy to maintain and clean. Simply put the lower part into the dishwasher and loosen the grill with two screws to wipe the grill. 

For continued maintenance rinse the unit regularly (base is dishwasher-safe) and change the water, replace the filter cassettes and Clean Cube after the recommended time period.

Antibacterial Filter Set for Humidifier
The high performance antibacterial filter set is a high performance antibacterial treatment against the formation of microbes in the water. These filters can last anywhere between 2-3 months based on the hardness of the water.


International Award Winning- DtGV German Seal of Approval
DAST Technology- Humidification Capacity up to 280g/hour
Low Energy: 3.5 Watts

Suitable for rooms up to 40m2 or 110m3
Integrated Hygrostat for setting the desired humidity levels
Antibacterial Filter Set

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