liebherr 655L Stainless SteelAutomatic Defrost Matching Freezer – FRFCVG6501

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Liebherr FRFCvg 6501 Perfection Reach-In refrigerator


Total gross volume

655 l
Exterior dimensions: height/width/depth 

201.8 / 74.7 / 76.9 cm

R 600a
Energy efficiency class 

Spare parts available for ten years

Sustainable means the appliance is not only environmentally friendly and economical, but also durable. To ensure that you can enjoy your professional appliance for a long time, Liebherr guarantees spare parts availability for at least ten years after the series has been discontinued. Although we do everything we can to ensure that spare parts are not needed in the first place.

Clear appliance information

All of the information about the appliance should be there exactly when you need it. That’s why every Liebherr has its serial and service number as well as the model designation on the display, where it can be easily read. Frustrated searches or even having to clear the interior out to be able to read the information are now a thing of the past.

Sturdy castors

With retrofittable castors, Liebherr professional appliances remain extremely mobile. This allows you to change the installation location at any time or simply move the appliance for easier cleaning.

Interchangeable door hinge

Liebherr’s professional appliances are fitted with a right-hand door hinge as standard. Without much effort – and without any additional parts – the door hinge can be changed to the left. This allows you maximum freedom when choosing your installation location.

Replaceable door seal

Save time and money: Liebherr’s plug-in door seals can be easily replaced. If a seal is damaged, you can replace it yourself without any tools.

15 years component design

Sustainable means the appliance is not only economical, but also long-lasting. High-quality materials and solid workmanship, coupled with at least ten years of spare parts availability after the series has been discontinued, make a Liebherr appliance a robust, reliable, and extremely long-lasting top performer in demanding everyday use.

Demo mode

For training purposes or exhibitions, the functionalities of the appliance can be simulated in demo mode without having to operate the appliance. This saves time and money as the cooling function is not needed.

Display lock

To avoid accidental settings, the user menu can be locked. Audible alarms can also be acknowledged when the lock function is activated. This ensures that all necessary entries can be carried out – and any unwanted ones aren’t. For greater safety when handling your Liebherr appliance.

Energy label according to EU Directive 2015/1094

Energy efficiency at a glance: The energy label shows just how economical professional Liebherr appliances are. This low energy consumption also translates into low overall operating costs.

Compatible with standard containers

Liebherr refrigerators for the catering industry are generally designed for use with Euro standard gastronomy containers. This means that any standard container used up to now will also fit in your new Liebherr.


The grid shelf with the pull-out stop ensures stability and a safe working environment: The grid shelf cannot be pulled out by mistake – even if things start to get a little hectic. When stocking or emptying the appliance, it remains reliably fixed in position – and you are spared any mishaps.

Hidden customer menu

Protected, secure, simple: The hidden customer menu provides users with status information about the appliance or allows them to make detailed appliance settings, such as resetting to factory settings. Since this information and the settings are located on a separate, code-protected menu level, unwanted changes or manipulation are avoided.

Hidden service menu

The hidden service menu allows individual configuration of the appliance, such as alarm sound on/off, adjustment of target value ranges or changes to automatic defrosting. By making fine technical adjustments, the appliance can be adapted to your specific needs.

Food-safe interior

All materials in Liebherr appliances for bakeries and the catering industry are food-safe and suitable for storing unpackaged foods


In case of an uncontrolled temperature rise, if a door has been left open or there were any other problems, the interior light of the appliance will start flashing. In the case of glass-door appliances, this quickly reveals when action is needed. In the case of solid-door appliances, the flashing interior warns to close the door immediately in order to preserve the storage quality.


Saves time, energy, and money: Liebherr’s professional freestanding appliances operate without filters or other components and parts that require regular replacement. There are no additional cleaning requirements.

Mechanical lock

All professional Liebherr appliances for bakeries and the catering industry are equipped with a mechanical lock with two keys. This way you can be sure that no unauthorised hands can access your stored goods.

Power failure info

If the power supply was interrupted due to a fault, the power failure information appears once the power is restored. This reports that the appliance was temporarily without power and the maximum temperature that was reached during this time. This allows you to assess whether a loss of quality is likely.

Compliance with DIN EN 60335 for appliance safety

In addition to the legally required UKCA/CE marking, all safety-related areas – from the user manual to the appliance – are evaluated and tested by an external independent test laboratory. This gives you the best possible product safety.

Easy to clean interior

The plastic inside container is made of polystyrene: a fully recyclable, robust, and odourless plastic. Manufactured seamlessly from one piece, it has no hidden dirt traps and the large corners can be cleaned quickly and easily. The perfect combination of sustainability and hygiene.

Self-closing door < 90° / automatic door-closing at less than 90°

Carry out routine work in comfort; reassurance nothing will be missed: From an opening angle of approx. 90°, the appliance door remains open and facilitates stocking and unloading as well as cleaning. Below approx. 90°, it closes by itself so that the appliance does not remain open accidentally. This keeps the temperature stable and preserves the quality of your groceries.

Side-by-side set

The accessory kit provides a neat and secure solution for lining up multiple appliances. The appliances are firmly connected to each other via a profile rail so that they form a seamless front and cannot slip. Fixing them also guarantees the recommended distance and prevents condensation building up between the appliances.


Would you like your fridge to maintain its optimum temperature, even when you have just put room temperature shopping in? Then this is a job for SuperCool: Once activated, your Liebherr boosts its performance until the fresh food is as cool as the rest of the contents. SuperCool then switches off automatically – after a maximum of 12 hours.

Grid shelf with pull-out stop

Stable, durable, ventilated: The robust, corrosion-free grid shelves made of coated steel support even heavy goods. At the same time they guarantee constant air circulation and temperature stability. A pull-out stop prevents the shelf from sliding out when you are taking items out of the appliance.

Temperature range −2 °C/+15 °C

Tasty for longer: Liebherr refrigerators have an extended temperature range from −2 °C to +15 °C – so even meat stays fresh and tasty for longer.

Temperature stability meets the requirements of DIN EN 16825:2015/Refrigeration

Temperature fluctuations must be minimal to ensure that the quality of the food is preserved. Liebherr refrigerators have an impressively stable temperature ranging between −1 °C and 5°C. This not only maintains the storage climate, but also the value of your goods and ingredients.

Intuitive menu navigation

Convenience at your fingertips: Read out the appliance status from the control panel integrated flush in the door without needing to open it. The menu guidance is self-explanatory and controlled by three touch buttons.

Retrofittable WiFi/LAN interface

This is how easy it is to network a Liebherr: With the retrofittable WiFi and LAN interface, appliances can be effortlessly connected to external systems, such as SmartMonitoring from Liebherr. With the digital monitoring solution, the storage temperature is monitored and documented conveniently and securely via the subsequently set up interface.

Wire tube condenser

Dirty condensers are expensive to clean and make refrigerators more susceptible to failure. However, our durable wire tube condensers prevent grease and dirt deposits, require no maintenance and ensure excellent refrigeration performance and efficiency for many years. And you can also look forward to low operating costs.

Digital temperature display

The digital temperature display indicates the refrigerator’s interior temperature to the exact degree. This can be easily read from the outside to give users immediate information and without the need to open the appliance.

Stainless steel housing

The outer housing is constructed using single-sheet side panels without any gaps, making it extremely hygienic and easy to clean. Stainless steel is a highly robust, stainless, alloy steel – perfect for the requirements of the professional sector.

Forced air cooling

Highly efficient fans cool freshly stored produce quickly and maintain an even refrigeration temperature throughout the interior.

Efficient refrigeration system

Liebherr guarantees the outstanding quality of its refrigeration systems through expertise derived from decades of experience in the refrigeration technology sector, and through continuous research and development. By employing only premium-quality compressors, condensers, evaporators and other refrigeration components the energy consumption and operating costs of Liebherr appliances are significantly reduced.

Height-adjustable feet

In locations where daily hygiene is imperative, the height-adjustable levelling feet offer generous floor clearance and ensure that cleaning under the appliance can be easily and conveniently performed.

Temperature alarm

The integrated temperature alarm indicates if the lower or upper alarm thresholds have been breached. It uses both acoustic and visual signals to provide maximum security for goods that have been stored.

Environmentally friendly refrigerants

Liebherr appliances are optimised for maximum energy efficiency and low operating costs. We only use the natural and environmentally-friendly refrigerants R 600a and R 290. When used with highly efficient compressors, these are extraordinarily efficient and, with their low global warming potential, also future-proof.

Reversible door hinges (left/right)

Liebherr appliances are factory-fitted with door hinges on the right. The ability to change the hinge side allows the appliance to be tailored to individual requirements and optimally positioned.

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