Blueprints (Now available to Buy)

After we have successfully designed a Kitchen or Cupboard, we can produce a Blueprint for it.

A Blueprint is a technical drawings of that Kitchen or Cupboard. It consist of measurements (wall and floor plans) that helps to produce that kitchen or Cupboard from concept to reality.

Before now, our Blueprints were exclusively being used by our production teams for manufacturing and installation after a successful sale.

We’ve however picked up a trend, more and more people are asking for our Blueprints before a successful sale. We’ve also found out that different people and professionals want to use our Blueprints for difference reasons.

Most customers whom just bought a new house say that they want to use our Blueprints to get an idea of how they can design their own Kitchen / Cupboard.

Other customers whom are building or renovating houses say that they want to make use of the our Blueprints to accurately locate electrical and plumbing points.

Professionals like Architect say that they can make use of our Blueprints to draw rooms accurately enough to fit they’re customers Kitchen / Cupboards needs. And many more other uses.

Due to the Importance of a Blueprint at any stage of planning for a new Kitchen / Cupboards, they are now available to buy them from us as little as R450 depending on the design and size of the Kitchen / Cupboard.

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